My role as Midwife, is to present my philosophy and approach clearly, to guide the women who choose my support with integrity and that Her authority is the foundation.



Prenatal care is You taking care of you!

  • Every woman is encouraged to take responsibility for her care and any decision making

  • The prenatal visit schedule is tailored to the needs of each individual woman but generally follows the standard obstetrical schedule of once a month until 28 weeks, twice monthly from 28-36 weeks and weekly thereafter, until birth

  • Prenatal’s are provided in the comfort of your home! Green Lily Midwifery serves as a completely mobile office and believes deeply in the value and lost art of home care.

  • Visits typically last 1-2 hours, thus allowing for ample time to build a trusting relationship, knowing your deepest desires, fears and vision for creating your ideal pregnancy, labor, birth and post partum time.

  • Together we check your vitals, palpate your baby/womb to find the beautiful parts and position of your baby, and listen to your baby's heartbeat with a fetoscope. Here's a study on doppler usage and the use of ultrasound technology

  • Lab work, referrals for ultrasounds, genetic screening and any other routine testing is offered if/when warranted.

  • Nutritional education, encouragement and review of diet diaries:

  • Counseling and emotional support throughout pregnancy.

  • Placenta medicine education and ways to honor this incredible temporary organ

  • Education and reassurance for what to expect in pregnancy, how you can prepare your body for birth, post partum recovery and caring for your newborn

  • Creating a sound plan on how you can organize yourself and your household for the best possible transition to motherhood

  • Midwife availability 24/7 for urgent needs

  • Local Resource List shared and utilized as needed, to enhance your physiological, spiritual, mental and emotional well-being for pregnancy, labor, birth and beyond

During labor and birth you will be guided, supported and encouraged to follow your inner compass

  • On-call and available for your home birth from 37 to 42+ weeks of pregnancy

  • Birth Team consisting of Midwives and/or skilled birth attendants

  • Phone support through early labor

  • Midwife support in your home from active labor through several hours after the birth

  • Intermittent monitoring of mom and baby’s wellbeing throughout labor

  • Highlighting and encouraging participation of fathers, partners, siblings, friends and/or other support people invited by the birthing woman

  • Birth Team will ensure you're staying well-rested, nourished and hydrated throughout labor

  • Freedom of movement allows for the birthing woman to intuitively take whatever position(s) she feels are best throughout labor and birth

  • Birth tub available for hydrotherapy in labor and water birth

  • Creating and protecting a birthing environment for mothers to feel unobserved, comfortable and safe during labor

  • Each birth is witnessed and respected with the individual woman's experience in mind and approached in which we do not manually intervene, unless there is both a genuine need to do so, and genuine consent has been obtained from the birthing woman

  • In the event of transport to the hospital, continued midwife support is provided

"Birth Is As Safe As Life Gets" ~ Harriett Hartigan

 Ensuring Safety through:

  • Vigilant prenatal care and self-care

  • Allowing physiologic labor and birth to unfold undisturbed, therefore dramatically reducing chances for intervention or issues to arise

  • Monitoring of mother and baby's vital signs

  • Emergency gear travels to every birth

Mother and Baby Immediate Care After the Birth



Sacred PostPartum care

Now that you and your precious babe are on the other side of labor and birth, comprehensive care continues to support your body and spirit, to ensure confidence and power as you settle into your new body and role as Mother.

  • Well woman and well baby care through 6- 8 weeks

  • Home visits at 24 hours, 3-4 days and 7 days after your birth

  • Office or home visits at 2, 3, 4 weeks and 6-8 weeks

  • 4th Trimester / 3 month post partum check-in offered

  • Newborn metabolic screening and Hearing Screen offered in your home

  • Weight checks offered for your newborn

  • Breastfeeding guidance and support

  • Utilization of herbs to support multiple layers of post partum healing

  • Reminders and frequent check-ins on how proper healing requires the mother to be "lying in"

  • Carrying your baby with comfort

  • Learning to exercise safely post partum

  • Natural Family Planning and contraception counseling

  • Well woman exam with Pap smear offered at 6-8 week visit

  • Assistance and deep support provided during the complex and often conflicting emotions that arise postpartum

  • Referrals for postpartum doulas, meal delivery service, lactation consultants, mental health resources, energy workers, chiropractic, new mom groups and any resources that would enable self-care

  • Facilitation of sealing and closing ceremonies and ancient healing rituals for those who are interested