"I've had the privilege of working with Val for both of my home births! She is an amazing midwife who focuses on empowering women to birth in the way they feel that's right for them. Throughout the pregnancy she is the most supportive guide and she just has they way about her that makes you feel completely safe and comfortable! She treats you like a sister and genuinely cares for women and babies. She is also completely professional and thorough in her care. Every appointment she takes her time and makes sure everything is covered! She not only focuses on the physical but also the emotional and mental which I've come to find out is a huge part of birthing. She is so holistic in her care and I used to joke that I had a midwife and therapist but it's so true! She was so much better than a therapist and left me with a gift that helped me discover how to deal with some of the issues in my past in order to be a better mama to my girls. I am so very blessed to have had such a wonderful midwife and such amazing births! Val is not only an excellent midwife but she is just a wonderful person and mother and someone I truly admire!" 

Val was our midwife with our 5th baby and I knew from the moment I met her that I wanted her at my birth. During our prenatal appointments I loved that she gave me information, but my husband and I called the shots. We were completely in charge of our pregnancy and birth and Val was on our team. I also loved that she involved our other kids in our prenatal care. She had them feel the baby and listen to the heartbeat and they loved when "Miss Val" came to visit. 

During my labor, Val was supportive and calming and really allowed me to labor on my terms. That labor was not my easiest but it was the one I felt the most supported in. Val helped me to stay confident in my body even when I didn't want to do it anymore.  

After he was born Val stayed until I was comfortably snuggling my new little in our bed.  Our postpartum care was respectful and loving and I appreciate that Val helped me to feel empowered as a new mama.  I simply can't imagine having another baby without Val there. We love you, Val!



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